Public Transparency 4 Freight Trains

The note below was sent out to area Resident Associations concerning freight train traffic.


The following email went out today in addition to a modified version to our elected representatives;
1. Federal and Provincial Ministers of Transportation
2. Federal and Provincial MPs and MPPs along the CN York Subdivision ‎line
3. 122 Federal and Provincial Cabinet Ministers and Shadow Ministers
4. 40 ratepayer associations in Vaughan, Markham, Scarborough and Pickering
5. All Councillors from Vaughan, Markham, Pickering and Scarborough (Toronto)
6. All York Region Councillors
7. Media

We need your support. Please sign the petition and forward it to your neighbours.
Greetings to the following Residents Associations:

Markham Ratepayer Associations: Milliken Mills East RA, Aldergrove RA, 14th and Markham Community Association, Cedarwood Community Association, Cedarwood Tamil Community Association, Aileen-Willowbrook RA, Bayview Fairways RA, Settlers Park Residents Association, Ward One South Thornhill Residents Inc., World on Yonge RA, Bayview Glen Residents Association, Bayview Country Club Estates RA, German Mills Residents’ Association Inc., Downtown Markham RA, South Markham Residents Association, South Unionville Community Association, South Unionville Resident Forum, Box Grove Community Association, Cedar Grove Community Club, Unionville Ratepayers Association, Unionville Historical Society, Unionville Villagers Association, Old Markham Village Ratepayers Inc., Rouge River Estates Residents Association, Rouge Fairways Residents Association and Grandview Area Residents Association

Vaughan Ratepayer Associations: Maison Parc RA, Glen Shields RA, Lakeview Estate RA, Brownridge RA, Vaughanwood RA, Concord West RA, West Woodbridge Homeowners’ Association, Beverley Glen RA and SpringFarm RA

Toronto Ratepayer Associations: Morningside Heights Residents’ Association and Highland Creek Community Association

Pickering Ratepayer Associations: Altona Forest Stewardship Committee, Pickering East Shore Community Association and Pickering West Shore Community Association

Our sponsoring associations comprise three ratepayer groups from the Cities of Markham and Vaughan representing over 10,000 households; Grandview Area Residents Association, World on Yonge RA and the SpringFarm RA.

We want to take this opportunity to engage the Markham and Vaughan ratepayer associations, and certain similar associations in parts of Toronto and Pickering, regarding a critical issue confronting all of us that is contained in a document called “The Missing Link” Report. This report deals with a proposal by the Cities of Cambridge, Milton, Mississauga, and Toronto to increase rail freight traffic through the south end of Markham and Vaughan, including Thornhill, Scarborough and Pickering on what’s known as the CN York Subdivision. The proposal is supported by the cities referenced above and certain provincial and federal politicians who would direct the provincial agency called Metrolinx to review its feasibility. This proposal has been covered in the media in 2015 and 2016. The City of Mississauga has already arrogantly put this map on its website giving the impression this project is a done deal despite that fact that there have been zero public meetings in York Region since their campaign started.

The Missing Link Report proposes to divert CP Rail freight traffic from its current route in Mississauga and Toronto to the existing CN Rail tracks in Markham and Vaughan, including Thornhill, Scarborough and Pickering. This redirection of freight traffic is proposed in order to accommodate all-day, two-way GO Train service on the Milton Corridor which would benefit the municipalities of Cambridge, Milton, Mississauga and Central Toronto. In addition, Toronto politicians at all levels and neighbourhood associations in Toronto have called on their provincial and federal elected representatives to remove dangerous goods traveling via rail through local Toronto neighbourhoods. This leaves Markham, Vaughan, Scarborough and Pickering with the potential for increased volumes of freight trains, including those carrying explosive, toxic and dangerous freight through one of the densest and fastest growing population centres in the GTA. These trains would be in addition to the dozens of freight trains, including those carrying dangerous materials that pass through all of our neighbourhoods on a daily basis. Rerouting would also require the construction of new tracks through our already congested areas.

We cannot allow this to happen. Although Markham and Vaughan municipal politicians have expressed opposition to the proposal, so far their objections have not gained the necessary attention required at the Provincial and Federal levels. In order to get these Provincial and Federal politicians to direct Metrolinx and CP Rail to have another, more sober look at this very one sided report, we need the voices of many York Region residents from both sides of Yonge street, as well as from parts of Pickering and Scarborough. We firmly believe that by uniting the voices of the RAs bordering the CN rail tracks in these areas we can have a stronger voice, one that gets the attention required to re-examine this issue in a fact-based, transparent manner, instead of in a one-sided, biased and nearly secret process.

Here is what we ask:
Be aware this is an imminent threat to our communities. See attached.
1. Vaughan residents should write and or call:
· Gila Martow, MPP-PC at or 905-731-8462
· Steven Del Duca, MPP-L at or 905-893-4428
· Francesco Sorbara, MP-L at or 905-264-6446
· Peter Kent, MP- PC at or 905-886-1426

2. Markham residents should write and or call:
· Gila Martow, MPP-PC at or 905-731-8462
· Michael Chan, MPP-L at or 905-305-1935
· John McCallum, MP-L at or 905-479-8100
· Peter Kent, MP- PC at or 905-886-1426

3. Toronto Residents should write or call:
· Raymond Cho, MPP-PC at or 416-325-9100
· Gary Anandasangaree, MP-L at or 416-283-1414

4. Pickering Residents should write or call:
· Tracy MacCharles, MPP-L at or 416-212-3180
· Jennifer O’Connell, MP- L at or 905-839-2878

5. Provided is a link to our online petition.

6. Please distribute it to your residents. Our objective is to acquire participation and support of 10,000 residents. This will require significant outreach on the part of every residents association. If you don’t have extensive email lists for your members then consider copying this letter along with the petition and hand delivering them throughout your area. We need volunteers to make this happen.

7. Join us! Let’s get this issue back on track!

We would be happy to discuss this with you if you have any questions.

Public Transparency 4 Freight Trains email address is

Ricardo Mashregi
Grandview Area Residents Association, Markham Thornhill

Jakov Zaidman
World on Yonge Ratepayer Association, Markham Thornhill

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