Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto

To the Residents of the Royal Orchard Neighbourhood

Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto

Further to our Town Hall meeting on August 22 where we reviewed the proposed development of a section of land at the Ladies’ Golf Course we wanted to bring everyone up to date.

Mia Poscente (128 Baythorn Drive) and Peter Rawson (45 Apple Orchard Path) attended a meeting with the Club’s President, Leslie Ferrari and General Manager, Julian Cusworth on September 1.

That meeting was cordial, professional and open. We shared our mutual interest in the long term operating success of the Golf Club and in the preservation of this important green space in our community.

We are pleased to report the following:

a) The scheduled September 26 Info session and October 19 vote by Club members has been amended and is now restricted to a simpler vote on whether or not to permit the Club’s Board to explore, at its discretion, the concept of land sales to support its capital base. The October 19 vote is not a vote to approve the sale of holes 7A, 8A, and 9A.

b) Further to this, any proposed sale/development of any part of the Golf Course would require another vote by members and would need to be supported by an extensive and detailed plan.

We made it very clear that our newly formed Royal Orchard Ratepayers’ Association would vigorously oppose the sale and development of holes 7A, 8A and 9A. We believe that Ladies’ understands that the re-zoning effort required for this section would be challenging. At this point in time we would characterize our view as “cautiously optimistic”. But we remain vigilant, and will be watching events closely as they unfold.

If anyone knows or has a friend who knows a Ladies’ member please let them know how we feel. Development of holes 7A, 8A and 9A would bring so many unknowns, but overall would negatively affect the environment, flood water management, our community, and is certainly bad for members’ golfing experience.

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